Château de Bagnols

“Château de Bagnols” stands in the evocative setting of southeast France, close to the renaissance city of Lyon, a majestic, historical monument dating back to the 13th century.
The estate spreads over the secular verdant vineyards of the renowned Beaujolais countryside, where centuries past lands were prised and cultivated by Roman troops settling in the area precisely for its distinctive and fertile wine producing qualities.

Lovingly and patiently restored by its succession of landlords throughout the centuries, each elaborated on the castle’s rich cultural, historical and architectural relevance.
Today, this magnificent Château still features many of its exceptional and authentic architectural details such as the impressive towers, the original dry moat, honey coloured stones known as ‘pierres dorées’ and the extravagant entrance across its imposing drawbridge.

Regal guestrooms are lavishly furnished with marble or granite baths, spacious dressing rooms and terracotta or coco carpet flooring for the guest’s complete comfort and pleasure.

As for the dining possibilities, the exemplary Château not only impresses but surpasses all expectations, offering a truly divine, culinary experience complemented by a celebrated wine selection deserving of the highest merit and recognition.

services available:

  • Restaurant on request
  • Outdoor Swimming pool

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