Tiara Château Hotel Mont Royal Chantilly

“Château Mont Royal”, a splendid XVIII century castle, secluded in the luxuriant flora and fauna of the Chantilly forest, is situated just a short distance from Paris, surrounded by a lush oasis of tranquillity.

Originally built as a hunting mansion, legend has it the founder presented it as a gift to his wife, there atop the highest Chantilly promontory, so she could see through her window as she awoke every morning the exceptional views of the countryside.

Throughout the centuries the castle then underwent significant changes, with such grand additions as a theatre, a small but exact copy of the Opera comique of Paris, and the modernisation of its interiors, transforming it into what is has become, a superlative luxury accommodations château, with its palatial guestrooms, generous living quarters and stately grounds.

Sumptuous guest rooms display its proud French heritage and style, gracefully furnished in quiet demure colour palates, for a peaceful and soothing ambience. Though grand and imposing at first approach, guests will be pleasantly comforted and lulled by the quiet elegance and fine traditional French hospitality of this quintessential palace resort - from its Fumoir to its exquisite dining experience, all rigorously first-class.

services available:

  • Restaurant
  • Indoor Swimming pool

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