Isle of Eriska Hotel & Spa

“Isle of Eriska Hotel & Spa” was originally constructed in 1884, at the height of Scottish Baronial Style, a living testament to the illustrious French architect Hippolyte Blanc’s legacy, renowned for his meticulous degree of detail, mark of his dedication and passion.

Cradled lovingly on the eastern side of a celebrated rift valley on the Isle of Eriska, on its very own private 300-acre island just off the west coast of Scotland, north of Oban, a magical island born of 600-million year old cataclysmic upheavals.

Over the years the magnificent residence played host to several notable families, benefiting much from the advice and care of those who succumbed to its aura and magnetism over the cross of two centuries. As with all residences of a certain era, guestrooms vary in size and shape, but all are thoughtfully and tastefully appointed with world-class amenities, surrounding gardens, privacy and seclusion.

This grand manor exudes the charm and warmth of discreet hospitality with open fireplaces, Burr Oak panelling and a drawing room furnished with plush sofas and inviting chairs to unwind and relax at the end of an enchanting day in this little corner of island paradise.

services available:

  • Spa beauty center
  • Restaurant
  • Golf
  • Outdoor Jacuzzi
  • Indoor Swimming pool

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