Hôtel de la Cité

“Hôtel de la Cité” is an absolutely phenomenal Cathar Castle, for ages safely insulated within ancient, 2000 year-old stone walls that surround the magnificent Medieval Citadel of Carcassonne.

This city fortress, the largest in Europe, is buttressed mid-way between the elegant seaside town of Biarritz and glamorous Monte Carlo, perched high on a hill and set gloriously in its own historical, secular gardens.

This particular region boasts innumerable hilltop castles dating back to the Middle Ages, many strongholds and fortresses whose individual stories are intricately bound to the 13th century history of the whole of the Languedoc region, when the crusade against the Cathar heretics, a derivation of Roman Christianity, focused widespread attention on the countryside.

The Cathars took refuge in the many abandoned hilltop castles and fortresses of the area thus the name and reference to Cathar Castles.

Today this incredible hotel offers the experience of a lifetime in a place that literally brings you back in time, while providing for every imaginable modern comfort, a longstanding tradition of pure luxury accommodations and refined hospitality.

services available:

  • Restaurant
  • Outdoor Swimming pool

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