Chateau Eza

“Hôtel Château Eza” embraces the ancient stone walls of the 9th century village of Eze, quietly tucked away in a little corner of paradise in the heavenly Côte d’Azur landscape of the French Riviera. The fairytale castle is set in the heart of this picturesque, over thousand year-old village, perched more than 400 meters high above the Mediterranean Sea.

The Château was the former prestigious residence of Prince William of Sweden, author of its numerous and valuable architectural features and furnishings, true works of art that attest to this grand castle’s historic legacy.

Encircling its authentic medieval walls are precious meandering streets and narrow cobblestone paths, leading through the delightfully charming village, with its breathtaking panoramic views, picture-postcard lanterns, flowing and flowering plants, colourful shops and art galleries, tempting the wondrous traveller at every corner.

The castle’s interior is simply extraordinary, taking guests along ancient stone steps and passageways to their most private bedchambers. These guestrooms are equally sublime, with arresting architectural details, highlighted by the superbly upholstered furnishings and touches of artistically inspired design, found in every nook and cranny of this magnificent hotel.

services available:

  • Restaurant

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