Pavillon Henri IV

“Pavillon Henry IV” was built as part of the site of the very first royal castle, originally named ‘Château Neuf’, or ‘New Castle’, dating back to the mid 16th century, under the reign of Henri II.

Further work continued its expansion and embellishment until its completion at the turn of the 17th century when the court moved in, becoming the official Royal residence for the following two generations of Kings.

During the night of the 4th of September 1638, it is recorded, Anne of Austria gave birth to the future Louis XIV, the legendary ‘Sun King’, in one of the very salons of the ‘Pavillon Henri IV’, which, not surprisingly, is today classified a veritable historical monument.
‘Château Neuf’ was later abandoned for Versailles and fell into disrepair.

Plans to demolish and rebuild commenced but never took hold due the onset of the French Revolution.

Today all that is left of the grand ‘Château Neuf’ is the equally glorious ‘Pavillon Henri IV’, where fortunate guests can revel in the sumptuous quarters truly fit for a King – whisked back in time into the noble past of this extraordinary manor.

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  • Golf

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