Château de Sissi

“Château de Sassetot” ’s history recalls its fine noble roots, having been built by Jean-Robert Bigot of the noble Bigot lineage, himself a very prominent, powerful Lord of the day. Bigot was then president of the Normandy parliament and councillor to the King, as well as the founder of this magnificent architectural marvel, laying the ground and first stone of what was to become the present-day castle in April of the year 1772.

The formidable residence situated just outside the charming seaside village of Fécamp is elegantly poised on an estate encompassing 11 hectares of deep green foliage, of sprawling lawns and woodlands heavenly situated somewhere between mountains and the beautiful Norman beach of ‘Petites Dalles’.

For the avid sportsman, the magnificent Château provides exceptional tennis and horse riding grounds, and just a short distance away, in the neighbouring town of Êtretat with its breathtaking sheer cliffs, professional golfing facilities for the manor’s favoured guests.

Inside this stately castle hotel, guestrooms are highly fashioned in the opulence of its noble past, with exquisite period piece antiques blended perfectly with all the modern amenities synonymous with luxury accommodations.

services available:

  • Restaurant

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