Coombe Abbey Hotel

“Coombe Abbey”, a former 12th century Cistercian monastery, founded by medieval monks of Cumbe and quietly resting in Warwickshire, England’s historic heartland, has been carefully restored to its former architectural glory, with the extensive addition of the West Wing back in the 17th century, designed by the then celebrated architect, Captain William Winde, whom it is archived, also designed Buckingham House, or what is better known as Buckingham Palace.

Capability Brown, a prominent garden landscape architect was later commissioned to re-design what is today Coombe Abbey Park. After several successions and transformations, the mansion finally settled into its true vocation, a ‘No Ordinary Hotel’ as the present owners lovingly refer to this grand estate.

Everyone of its eclectic and original guestrooms is a labour of love, filled with historical artefacts, fascinating objets d’art, intriguing period pieces and some with four poster canopy beds and bathrooms hidden behind a bookcase to complete the authentic touch.

Of course, all have full en suite facilities as well as all the state of the art modern features the well-travelled guest could desire.

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