Amberley Castle- A Relais & Chateaux Hotel

“Amberley Castle”, first founded by ecclesiastical dominions, is an authentic 11th century treasure hidden away for a millennium, in the quaint and picturesque village from which it takes its name in the chalk South Downs, complete with its own meticulously landscaped gardens and extravagant examples of medieval architecture.

The stately castle finally came into private ownership in the late 19th century when it was purchased by the Duke of Norfolk, who in turn, commissioned much needed repair.

Now in the loving hands of its fond proprietors, the castle has finally opened its doors to the light and marvelled gaze of an admiring international public.

Aside from several outstanding capacious guestrooms, individually designed and tastefully appointed, each reflecting a by-gone era - including the grand Bishopric suites, in honour of past resident eminences -, the castle also features one sublimely fantastic, thatched roof tree house guestroom nestled amongst the secular Sycamore trees and reachable only by way of a storybook rope bridge.

Linger till midnight to be treated to the breathtaking spectacle of the lowering of the awesome 2-ton oak Portcullis, a truly mythical experience.

services available:

  • Restaurant

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