Castel Brando, an imposing building overlooking the ancient hamlet of Cison di Valmarino, occupies an area which, since the prehistoric eras of the Paleo-Venetian populations, has been the site of various settlements.

Initially conceived as a defensive fortress, over the centuries the building has been the object of enlargement and renovations which include the 13th century Guelph/Ghibelline embattlements and precise lines of the classic 18th century style. The architectonic origins of the building’s exterior do not distract from the most modern comforts and technology of its interior.

The 18th century castle hosts the refined “Sansovino” restaurant where delicious specialities can be enjoyed in an elegant and sought-after environment, surrounded by antique plaster-work and fine furnishings while being served by attentive and qualified staff.
It is ideal for a romantic supper, for business dinners or for private banquets. Among other facilities at Castel Brando is another restaurant, “La Carte”, and eight bars located in various areas of the castle.

Castel Brando is also an interesting cultural centre which hosts three museums in its interior. Completing the range of amenities is the modern Beauty Centre dedicated to your relaxation and well-being.

services available:

  • Spa beauty center
  • Restaurant
  • Indoor Swimming pool

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