Château de Castel Novel

The “Château de Castel Novel” bordering the district of Brive, is an authentic medieval fortress perched strategically atop the sheer rock formations of the landscape. With its original round tower built of rough-hewn stone at its peak, it seems to be one solid mass jutting forth from the hill, protecting and dominating the countryside.

The castle’s austere exterior has been softened over the centuries by significant architectural embellishments. Lovingly enveloped by its exuberant vegetation, from wisteria to magnolia trees, verdant sinewy ivy to rose gardens, literally exploding in colours, the residence is set in the estate’s superb 48 acres of parkland, with its extraordinary secular oak grove featuring some 60 different varieties.

Of this enchanted park and gardens, Colette, one of France’s inspired 20th century novelists and wife of then owner Henri de Jouvenel, editor in chief of the newspaper ‘Le Matin’, would set many a narrative in its sheer beauty, so in love was she with this manor and its surrounding natural landscape.

Today the Château retains many of her loving touches and exudes luxury and grace, with exceptional accommodations in the elegant tradition of fine French hospitality.

services available:

  • Outdoor Swimming pool

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