Château de Locguénolé

“Château de Locguénolé”, with its grand neighbouring manor dating back to the early 1700’s, has been the sole property of the distinguished ‘de la Sablière’ family since its foundation.

The superb castle rests demurely in South Brittany, embraced by 250 acres of beautiful parkland and lush gardens, originally designed by the once prominent French landscape architect, André de Versailles, along a two kilometre long private marine coastline.

The Château takes its name from the popular legend of St. Guénolé, who stepped across the arm of the sea, in one long stride, escaping his pursuer the Devil himself and settling on the land, hence Locguénolé.

To conserve the ancestral heritage this marvellous edifice was converted into a deluxe accommodations hotel, with its very own pontoon, allowing the sophisticated world traveller the luxury of arriving conveniently by boat, from the ocean, as well as serving as a departure point for many of the wonderfully organized sailing or fishing day-trips.

Guestrooms as expected from such a first-class establishment are regal and refined, commodious and spacious, with unique period features and details.

services available:

  • Restaurant
  • Outdoor Swimming pool

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