Château des Sept Tours

“Château des Sept Tours”, a short distance from the centre of Tours, spreads strikingly over the expansive, verdant domain of its immense estate, surrounded by what is now a stupendous private 18-hole golf course, in the heart of the Valley of Kings.

The original, primitive manor, known then as ‘Château Vivier’, is thought to have been first built in the 15th century, later to be radically transformed by a distinguished Englishman Thomas Stanhope Holland, who purchased the property in 1815, extending and refurbishing the manor to the stupefaction of the local population and launching the architectural Neo-Gothic fashion.

Later as works progressed, the dimensions of the Castle tripled and the stupefaction turned to amazement as Holland added aristocratic towers, hence the name ‘Castle of Seven Towers’, annexing chapel, magnificent stables, an elegant kennel and moreover, the epitome of luxury, his very own personal brasserie.

This marvellous Château nowadays affords its fortunate guest the pleasure of experiencing its remarkable premises and history, whilst sojourning in its superb Castle bedchambers, each distinctive and individual, or in its equally stunning and inviting guestrooms in the ‘Orangerie’, an authentic revival of the Castle’s ancient equestrian facilities.

services available:

  • Restaurant on request
  • Golf 18 holes
  • Outdoor Swimming pool

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