Château & Spa De La Commanderie

“Château de la Commanderie” ’s first incarnation dates back to the 13th century, its nucleus is believed to have been founded by the Templars under the name ‘Maladrery de la Levade’.

Over the centuries, the castle began to take its present day shape and form, though still serenely nestled in a quiet peaceful parkland of secular trees and lush verdant gardens, in the heart of the Grenoble region and with magnificent views of the wondrous French Alps.

This imperial Château retains all of its historical relevance and beauty, with generous, luxuriant guestrooms and salons, custom-furnished with plush, finely upholstered furniture and antique paintings depicting some of the castle’s noble heritage.

Guests will naturally wander into the splendid town of Grenoble, with its ancient Roman vestiges, handsome distinguished mansions, or perhaps enjoy a guided tour of some of the most significant monuments of this grand city, from Stendhal’s house to the charming cable car that leads to the Bastille or the exceptional medieval church of Saint André, to name but a few of the legacies and great local attractions yours to discover.

services available:

  • Spa beauty center
  • Restaurant
  • Golf
  • Outdoor Swimming pool

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