Hotel Grand Barrail, Chateau, Restaurant & Spa

"Hôtel Grand Barrail Château, Restaurant & Spa", an extraordinary 19th century edifice, lulled in the heart of the prestigious Saint Emilion vineyards of the south western French landscape, regales all its distinguished guests with its striking architecture, exquisite gastronomy and oenology, and above all, its excellence in fine luxury accommodations and hospitality in renowned French tradition.

The property is divided into several different structures, commencing with the ‘Résidence’, perfectly palatial and poised, housing inimitable, magnificent guestrooms with dazzling views of the neighbouring vineyard and estate, dressed in refined, world-class furnishings, for the sophisticated, well-travelled guest.

Further along, the hotel offers ‘La Maison du Bien-Être’, or literally, the ‘House of Well-Being’, with its characteristic French charme and its lovingly appointed fresh, airy rooms sure to please every nature-loving traveller. And finally there is the ‘Maison du Vignoble’ or ‘Vineyard Cottage’ nestled amongst the breathtaking countryside, with its endless views of elaborate castles and ripe verdant vineyards.

Dinner is an equally captivating affaire, in either the ‘Salon Mauresque’, Moorish Room, or the ‘Salle Ronde’, Round Room, both sumptuous, elegantly decorated spaces from which to enjoy the supremely refined haute cuisine of this remarkable hotel.

services available:

  • Spa beauty center
  • Restaurant Gastronomic & Bistro

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