Abbaye de la Bussière

“Abbaye de la Bussière”, a magnificent 12th century abbey established by Cistercians monks, is set amidst its own marvellous park with abundant wildlife and beautiful lakes with fish, ducks, geese and lots of birds. Just a stone’s throw away from some of the most famous vineyards in the world and in the heart of a region of France renowned for its cuisine, the historical structure makes the ideal base in Burgundy for wine tours and gastronomic getaways.

The area is filled with remains of previous inhabitants dating back to 465 AD. For generations the monks were tilling the estate, growing wine, raising cereal and oil seed crops and working with the indigenous wood. It is supposed that they used the plentitude of boxwood to build just about everything, hence the origin of the name ‘La Bussière’, from the Latin word ‘Buxus’ for box trees.

Today the Abbaye, authentically revived, comprises various, each architecturally wonderful buildings, and houses two fine restaurants, the exquisite gourmet restaurant in the very heart of the abbey beneath a breathtaking cloister, and the more casual but equally excellent bistro.

The superb bedchambers are lovingly appointed with antique furniture, meticulously chosen to evoke their rich historic character. Each room has its own flair and charm and features an elegant, individually-styled bathroom, in some rooms with jacuzzi, to match.

With its unique history and stunning park, the abbey is the ideal setting for fairytale weddings, providing privacy, exclusivity and the perfect backdrop to step back into a period of veritable medieval dimensions.

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