San Tommaso

The historical residence of San Tommaso, a mixture of past and present, is in the splendid setting of Polignano a Mare.
In perfect original style after a patient renovation project, San Tommaso is party to unique and unforgettable moments.

It is spacious and spectacular: the majestic salon restored in every detail accurately, the panoramic terraces with breathtaking sea views, large green gardens and a whole wood, complete with various paths, available for you to walk in.

The new Hall St. Thomas, lovely, bright and charming.
One can not help being spellbound by the magnificence of this "party room" where relive the splendor of times long passed.
Swarovski crystal chandeliers and precious onyx marry the poor but dignified grace of the original floors of stone and wood.

Large grassed gardens, a splendid fountain with admirable scenic effects and a charming secular wood, make this an ideal place for brunch, buffets and aperitifs.

All bedrooms have the most modern amenities. The San Tommaso suite is in the main tower which, thanks to its glass walls and its dominating position, guarantee an extraordinary effect of the sky.

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