Tenuta Pilastru

Tenuta Pilastru Estate has a central structure “Lu Pastrucciali” with the reception, common salon, fireside and some bedrooms. Other bedrooms are in little cottages on one level, recalling the “Stazzo Gallurese” building style and are among the park at a maximum of 80 metres from “Lu Pastruccciali”.
The cottages have names of Sardinian plants: l’Olivastro (Olive), il Lentischio (Mastic tree-Pistacia lenticus), il Ginepro (Juniper), il Mirto (Maple/Myrtle), la Quercia (Oak).

Tenuta Pilastru Estate has walking or bicycle pathways for guests’ exclusive use and arranges visits to the local “Li Muri” archaeological sites.
In the slow-changing country seasons, shades of colour, intensity of fragrances and smells and different sounds all transmit emotions that are difficult to explain to people who do not know the countryside well. If curiosity is the font or fount of knowledge, then Tenuta Pilastru Estate will spellbind and bewitch you with its free spirit.
Facilities: restaurant, sun-therapy terrace, open-air swimming pool, park and garden.

services available:

  • Restaurant
  • Outdoor Swimming pool

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