Hotel Palazzo Bocci

“Hotel Palazzo Bocci” is in the centre of Spello, among the lanes and small streets of this fascinating medieval Umbrian town, a little jewel immersed in the suggestive rural countryside.
The original building dates back to the 14th century, while its present look dates back to the 18th century, the glorious period of Palazzo Bocci in which it became the residence of an aristocratic family with the same name.

The fascination of the sumptuous environment is exalted by many details: the entrance fountain, the magnificent terraced garden with two secular palm trees and the Salon of Frescoes. The great building also boasts a splendid painting by Benvenuto Cripoldi and some masterpieces of the period which contribute to the exclusive magic of the residence.

The bedrooms, all soundproof, are elegantly furnished, welcoming and have every modern amenity for a unique and enchanting stay in an atmosphere of the past. Superb frescoes decorate the interior, such as the reading room and the bar which leads into the garden and where guests can enjoy tranquillity and relaxation.

The welcoming restaurant, in what was an ancient olive oil press room, has been enhanced by a great hearth and fireplace and pieces of wall from the Roman period, and serves traditional Umbrian cuisine such as truffles and penny bun mushrooms, together with other traditional recipes presented with taste and flair.

Facilities near the hotel are stables, offering excursion from one to seven days, swimming pools, tennis courts and golf.

services available:

  • Restaurant

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