Lanchid 19 Design Hotel

Lánchíd 19 Design Hotel is located directly on the Danube riverbank, a hundred meters from the Budapest-symbol Lánchíd ("Chain Bridge"). Budapest City centre is within a further hundred meters, the Castle is a ten-minute walk to the top of the Castle hill which emerges literally from the backyard of Lánchíd 19.

Its innovative architectural and interior design enabled Lánchíd 19 to be the first Hungarian member of design hotels™. Besides the accustomed comfort and elegance of four-star hotels, it offers a unique visual experience to travellers looking for creative design solutions.

Lánchíd 19 Design hotel offers 45 rooms and 3 suites, all of them with a view at the UNESCO World Heritage sites Pest riverbank or the Buda Royal Castle.

services available:

  • Restaurant

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