Castello Dal Pozzo

Dal Pozzo Castle, once belonging to the Viscounts of Aragona, is in Oleggio Castello, a small hill town dominating Arona, Lake Maggiore. Situated on a large land terrace, half way along the coastline of gentle slopes going down to Arona, it has a vast panorama of the far end of the lake where the Ticino river joins it.

The castle is a unique Italian example of coherence, continuity and light neo-Gothic style, inspired by 16th century English Gothic style. British art experts have recently defined the architecture as one of the best interpretations of Victorian Age Tudor Gothic style.

The outside of the castle, with its portico, octagonal tower and chapel, transmits the Anglo-Saxon spirit while the inside wall stencil work, tile decoration and furniture, reflect William Morris’s work.

Bedrooms and suites are all finely furnished down to the smallest of details, reflecting the surroundings and have modern luxurious amenities. Immersed and surrounded by a wonderful green park, the large salons make the residence ideal for meetings, shows and ceremonies.

services available:

  • Restaurant

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