Castello Orsini Hotel Nerola

Situated near Via Salaria at Neroli, a few kilometres north of Rome, from its elevated position Castle Orsini dominates the fertile countryside of Sabina as far as the Tiber valley and the green Lucretii mountains.

Castle Orsini is a very special hotel, for those who like beautiful things and want to live, with imagination, the mysteries of a historical residence - testimony of battles, intrigues, love stories and crimes. Built in the 10th century on the remains of an ancient Sabina fortress, and after being an impregnable target of the Saracens and Magyar Hungarians, the castle estate was handed over to Franceso Orsini at the end of the 13th century.

Castle Orsini Hotel has comfortable and quiet lounges inside, luxurious bedrooms, restaurants and alfresco salons for meetings, business events, weddings and anniversaries.

At the edge of a wood, a beautiful garden surrounds the panoramic swimming pool, while a Beauty Farm, with professionalism and modern facilities, allows you to renew your well-being, beauty and serenity, with elegance, romance and relaxation.

services available:

  • Spa beauty center
  • Restaurant
  • Outdoor Swimming pool
  • Indoor Swimming pool

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